Where can I borrow money for free?


The offers of the first interest-free loans are still widely represented among non-bank providers, so we have prepared an up-to-date overview of all available offers.

Since the last survey, the situation for ordinary consumers has improved further, as there are even more offers on the market – new companies have come into play. However, it remains valid that the advantage of the offer is valid only in the case of repayment in due time. Otherwise, the consumer is affected by high late payment fees. So choose responsibly.

What is the first free loan?

What is the first free loan?

The offer of the first interest-free loan (or free loan, if you wish) is currently offered exclusively to non-banking companies. They are an effective way to reach new clients. They borrow for the first time free of charge and without additional conditions, if they return the loan back in time, they will not pay anything extra. However, each additional loan is already interest-bearing according to the valid price list of the company.

Benefits of interest-free loans

  • Possibility to get money “free” (in case of proper repayment)
  • Quickly process and transfer money to your account (ideally on the same day)
  • Easier and faster approval process than regular bank loans
  • Everything can be done over the Internet – including signing a contract
  • The applicant does not pay any fees for processing or provision
  • The money you earn can be used for anything

Disadvantages of interest-free loans

  • It is not possible to borrow a larger amount in this way (the limit is usually not higher than 5-10 000 USD)
  • Short maturity (usually 30, exceptionally up to 45 days)
  • High fees for late repayment of the loan

To whom does the free loan pay and who does not?

To whom does the free loan pay and who does not?

It pays off to those who are responsible in finance. The offer is convenient if you know that you can actually refund the money in time. The product works like a credit card and its interest-free period. If you return the money to the provider in time, you do not pay anything extra, but if you are late, the interest is suddenly high enough. The product is more suitable in exceptional situations, because the maturity is similar to credit cards relatively short. Of course, using fast loans regularly is extremely risky.

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